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BjP General Information

Rules for Champion Girl/Lady Leotards

  1. All girls and ladies must wear BjP leotards of their choice in competitions.
    These must be purchased through the BjP supplier (Danz Design Aust Pty Ltd) and have the Bjelke emblem on them.

  2. Leotards designated as Junior styles are for girls from 5 - 14 years.

  3. Leotards designated as Senior Styles are for 13 -15 years, Seniors and Ladies.

  4. NOTE: 13-14 year girls can wear both junior and senior styles.

  5. All age groups, Juniors, Seniors & Ladies are permitted to wear their Team leotard in individual competitions if they so desire.

Please note when ordering leotards:

  • Please indicate all contrasts or main colour will be used for contrasts

  • Please indicate sleeve length if applicable or no sleeves will be supplied

  • Girth measurement must be provided for all individual leotards

Warning to Associates & Secretaries:

Copying of BjP leotards and/or the emblem infringes BjP patent and members wearing incorrect leotards risk disqualification.